*This presentation is typically sent to my Realtor relationships however it benefits everyone in a home selling and buying transaction. if you’re looking to purchase a house or selling your house, this solution creates a win-win situation for everyone!

Sellers and buyers are currently clashing in a “shifting market” where fear and unrealistic expectations tend to cloud their abilities to make a smart financial decision.

The solution is a permanent seller buy down strategy.  This does a few things:

  1. Sellers put more money in their pocket versus a price reduction
  2. Buyers save more money with a below market interest rate – rates during 2017
  3. Agent retains full commission & generates more referrals


There are a few reasons for a shifting market currently.

-Rising mortgage interest rates.

-Substantial home appreciation – unrealistic on value, ie; “my neighbor syndrome.”

The reality of it is that we have a healthy economy, so the housing is healthy and mortgage rates are still historically low.

To understand the “shift” in the market, you have to understand what type of market we’re in.  if a home sells in less than 3-4 months, it’s a seller’s market. If a home sells in more than 6 months, it’s a buyer’s market.  But if a home sells between 4-6 months, it’s a balanced and healthy market and this is where we are currently.

The easiest way to negotiate a deal is by price, the cheapest option usually wins but the cheapest option is not necessarily the best option.  There’s a more cost-effective, mutually beneficial option to bridge a deal AND it positions YOU as the advisor.

You have a choice to make in 2019.

Order Taker: Someone who facilitates a transaction that would have taken place without you there.

Sales Pro: Someone who uncovers unseen value. Provides new info and a new way of thinking where multiple options provide all parties with the best possible decision and action.

**Present MORE than just a price. Offer something that can offer a better use of money.

So how does the seller buy down work? It’s simple.  The seller gives a 3% credit to buy the rate down versus dropping the list price.  For every dollar the seller gives as a rate buy down, it is equivalent to $3 dollars in a price reduction or low-ball offer. This strategy gives you a $2 NET back to your sellers versus a price reduction.

View my personal presentation here: https://mcedge.tv/1cej4m (best viewed on desktop)