VA Loans

What are VA loans?

Veterans Affairs (VA) loans are loans provided to active-duty military and veterans. These loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. For those who qualify, VA loans are usually easier to obtain than conventional loans.

Who is eligible?

Active members of the military, veterans, and members of the National Guard qualify for VA loans. And, granted they do not remarry, spouses of deceased military members or veterans are also eligible for these types of loans, if the deceased spouse died while on active duty. There is no minimum credit score required to be eligible for a VA loan from the government, although some lenders may enforce one.

Benefits and tips

One benefit qualifying personnel receive when taking out a VA loan is the absence of a required down payment. While many other loans require a certain amount of money set aside for a down payment, VA loans don’t require a down payment or even mortgage insurance.

Another benefit of taking out a VA loan is the assistance offered to those struggling to pay back the mortgage. The VA as an organization will step in and negotiate with a lender when the borrower is having trouble paying the loan payments.

Keep in mind, when choosing to take out a VA loan a one-time fee will still be required, the amount dependent upon the size of the loan and the type of veteran applying. Even though VA loans generally carry less costs than other types of loans, it is still good to keep this one-time fee in mind.  Contact Us today for any further information or questions about VA loans!

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